Client Engagement

When a person finds out that they have cancer, the diagnosis comes with many changes for the patient and their loved ones. Simply having answers to questions can help patients feel more in control and less worried about what lies ahead.

To help patients and their families work through their fears and concerns about cancer and its treatment, we do our best to offer answers to some common questions and give our clients an idea of what they can expect from the people and services that will walk the cancer journey with them.

In engaging with our clients, Twakutukuza Trust understands the importance of offering financial support as well as advice on coping with the side effects of cancer; physical, emotional and spiritual. We offer this advice to patients as well to their caregivers who may be family members or close friends.



Client Consultation

Twakutukuza Trust offers couselling services every Tuesday and Wednesday. The counselling is done by cancer Victors and professional counselors who offer advice on different ways of coping with the challenges of undergoing cancer treatment.


Financial Support

Cancer treatment is costly and can be overwhelming. In addition to taking a toll on a patient’s health, emotions and relationships, cancer comes with major financial stress. Even with private insurance policies and NHIF many cancer patients still need additional financial assistance.

Some patients do not to speak with their doctors about the cost of their treatment or various treatment options available because they fear that this will compromise their care.

Through the Angel Support Network, corporate donors and funds raised from the Twa Annual Concerts, Twakutukuza Trust offers financial support to patients, especially those from low income homes.

Breast Prosthesis

Majority of women regard their breasts as an essential part of their being and, in particular, their femininity. Unfortunately, most diagnosis of breast cancer leads to full or partial mastectomy (breast removal surgery) and though reconstruction is now possible in Kenya, it is out of reach to many of the women that we deal with. The next best option is a breast form, which is also out of reach to many women.

Thankfully, Twakutukuza Trust has been able to donate silicone breast forms and post mastectomy bras to women who have had a mastectomy, thanks to a donation received from Deacons Kenya Limited in 2016.


Investing in Twakutukuza is integral to alleviating the unparalleled challenges facing cancer patients in Kenya. Your donation will support cancer patients and their families toward meeting their emotional, physical and financial needs.