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Celebrate Life

Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy have a way of draining the body and making one not feel beautiful or worth anything. Between excessive hair loss, blackening of nails, weight loss to nausea and throwing up etc just to name but a few one is left feeling not beautiful at all.
Every year during the valentine weekend, TWA gathers a group of women undergoing cancer treatment and a close friend who has walked the cancer journey with them. The ladies are treated to sumptuous meals, a makeover and a mini-spa topped up with a framed glam shot of them and their buddy.

Hospice Visits

For six years now, Twa and The Nairobi Hospice  have been partnering in supporting people undergoing Cancer. Every quarter, Twa organizes visits to the Hospice during their day care meetings which take place every Thursday. The visits are usually crowned with song, laughter, good food, meeting and making new friends as well as loads of encouragement.

Nairobi Hospice 12

In most cases, those visiting the hospice are from very humble backgrounds and cannot afford basic needs. Given an option of getting medicine or feeding their families, they opt for the latter, which is a very hard situation. TWA and its volunteers will humbly meet this gap by purchasing household goody bags for all the clients and hence enabling them to purchase whatever drugs they need for their condition.


This is TWA’s bi-annual visit to children undergoing cancer treatment. During this time, the volunteers at TWA spend time with the children, playing games, singing, giving them gifts and encouraging the young ones alongside their parents even as they journey through...

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Twa Annual Concert

The Twa concert is the main fund raising event for TWA. The concerts are held during the last weekend of October –Friday to Sunday. The first concert was staged in 2009 and was intended as a Celebration following Doris’ healing.  As the idea for the concert was...

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