Twakutukuza Trust


cancer patients have been supported directly through our Twa Annual Concerts

breast prosthesis and post-mastectomy bras have been distributed to breast cancer victors

ladies have participated Celebrate Life events

But we’re not done yet. 

We need your help too. Here’s how you can get involved.


The Twa Annual Concert raises a substantial amount of the total funding that goes towards supporting cancer patients through the Twakutukuza Trust.

The cost of organizing the concerts, including hiring rehearsal and concert venues, sound and lighting, meals for choir members and other volunteers, is also quite significant.

With your support, we can ensure that the majority, if not all of the proceeds from the concert ticket sales go towards costs for treatment, medication, physical and emotional assistance for cancer patients.

We would love to tell you more about our sponsorship packages and how you can become a Twa Annual Concert Sponsor. Please click the link below to send us an email or call us to schedule a meeting with you.


Be part of our colourful and emotionally healing Celebrate Life events.

We are always happy to have partners come on board to ensure that we can hire a serene and beautiful venue for the day, provide or sponsor hair and beauty treatments, delicous snacks, donate or contribute items to fill the Glam Bags that will all go toward making it a truly special time for the ladies who have recently completed or are still undergoing cancer treatment.

Please send an email or call us today and we will give you more details on how to become a Celebrate Life Sponsor.


It is always so humbling and encouraging to make Hospice Visits and spend time with patients and sometimes, with their families at the Nairobi Hospice.

Your support can help us make the visits more frequent and enable us to gift more patients and their families with basic food and household items or what we like to call Twa Goodie-bags as well as contribute to the purchase of their medication, breast prosthesis, arm compression bands and other needs.

We are also keen to expand our visits to hospices in other counties and will need as much help as possible to make this a reality.

Click the link below and tell us more about how you would like to partner with us and become a Twa Hospice Visits Sponsor.


The Twambili picnics or parties are a lot of fun for children in hospitals. The parties are a welcome change to the children’s’ treatment routines of getting chemotherapy, radiotherapy and medication.

Additionally, the funds raised from Twambili events go toward paying hospital bills for some of the children whose parents and families are financially challenged.

Sponsoring a Twambili picnic or party means that we can ensure that needy children get all the treatment they require and that they are not remaining in hospital for longer than is necessary because of unpaid bills.

Your support will also help purchase toys, treats and pay for entertainment for the children to make the Twambili events memorable for the children, their parents and hospital staff.

To let us know the how you would like to sponsor a Twambili event and for more information, please click the link below.

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