Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering opportunities become available at Twakutukuza Trust depending on various projects. Below are descriptions of some of the roles and activities you could support us with when the need arises:

Client Consultations


Research shows that counselling can help some people overcome the depression and  anxiety that cancer can cause.

Some patients may want to deal with the treatment journey in ways that their friends or family don’t agree with, as they may be too close to the issues to see them clearly and objectively.

Counsellors can help Twakutukuza clients to find different ways of coping including:

  • Coping with their reactions to cancer
  • Family and relationship issues
  • Exploring personal issues e.g. coping with changes to the body, spiritual issues
  • Coping with phobia issues e.g. fear of having injections or being confined to a small space during an MRI scan

If you are a cancer Victor or professional counsellor and would like to sign up to be a Twa counsellor, please fill the ‘Volunteer with us’ form below and we will get back to you.


Client Engagement

Client follow-up and admin duties

Health concerns often cause a great deal of anxiety among patients and their family members. This is especially true with cancer, which can be life altering.

It is important that Twakutukuza Trust take the time to answer our clients’ questions and advise them on the emotional, physical, spiritual and financial support that is offered by the Trust.

When we speak or write to clients, we aim to communicate not only information, but also compassion. We make the effort to understand what the clients are experiencing and advise them on what Twakutukuza Trust can best support them with. It is not always easy but as much as possible, we do it all with a smile.

Are you friendly, compassionate and a good listener? Please let us know by completing the ‘Volunteer with us’ form below. You may be the volunteer that could make a positive difference with our Client Engagement.



Hospice and Hosptal Visits

Event participation and planning

Twakutukuza visits to the Nairobi Hospice are a time to hang out with the patients, eat and laugh with them as well as enjoy some singing. The day is about making new friends as well as a time of encouragement for the patients and the Twakutukuza team and volunteers. Making a visit to the hospice is important because our supporters get to meet some of the individuals Twa supports and to hear first-hand experiences from people going through cancer.

Twa also visits patients, young and old, in hospital. For children, we organise Twambili picnics and parties, and we also sing with and for adult patients in various hospitals.

Twakutukuza is always keen to have volunteers support with sorting and packing items for the Twa Goodie-Bags and Twambili picnics, cooking lunch for the hospice visit day, cleaning up and of course, spending time with the patients.

Join us for our next hospice or hospital visit by filling in the ‘Volunteer with us’ form at the bottom of this page.





Celebrate Life

Glam Team

We are always happy to have volunteers with experience in beauty treatments including hair-styling, manicure and pedicure technicians, massage treatments as well as make-up artists to help us have the ladies look fabulous on the Celebrate Life day.

Not only do the beauty treatments get the ladies looking great for their glam shots, it helps them feel beautiful and loved and encourages them through the treatment journey.

The Celebrate Life ladies also receive Glam Bags and it is really helpful to have many hands to sort and pack the bags before the event.

Please give us a shout if you would be interested in joining the Glam Team – fill the ‘Volunteer with us’ form below.

Admin Support

Administrative and Twa Office Support

At Twakutukuza Trust, we occasionally require additional and very vital help with the general office support including:

  • Entering and maintaining the Twa Client file records and data
  • Maintaining Twa Merchandise inventory
  • Scheduling client appointments

If you would like to support the Twakutukuza Trust office, complete the ‘Volunteer with us’ form and let us know which areas of admin duties most interest you.

Twa Annual Concert

Event Organising

Twa concert volunteers are an amazing group of people who love the Lord and have a passion for ministry. They are willing to do what it takes ‘behind the scenes’ to make the Twa concerts successful.

For the past ten years, the volunteers have been consistently responsible, honest and dependable in managing various activities including:

  • Logistics for the concert days
  • Twa merchandise sales
  • Ticket sales
  • Ushering at the Twa Concerts
  • Running errands and assisting with admin duties on rehearsal days

Please complete the ‘Volunteer with us’ form below and let us know how you would like to support the Twa Annual Concert.