Twice every year, Twakutukuza (Twa) Trust, together with various partners, Friends of Twa, past and current Twa Choir Members, visit the cancer support group at the Nairobi Hospice. The main aim of the support group is to encourage each member despite whatever stage of treatment they are at (whether as a cancer patient, victor or care giver). The group has thirty to thirty five members who attend the sessions every Thursday.
This year we had the privilege of visiting the support group on Thursday 15, August 2013 and were welcomed warmly by Lynette Kitui – Social worker at the hospice and the Hospice CEO. We had a time of song and devotion with the members. Another visiter to this centre on this particular day, was Mishka Cira who had come to train them on various forms of hand massage to alleviate pain.