Its that time of the year again when we join the patients and staff of the Nairobi Hospice as they celebrate another year of God’s goodness and friendships nurtured through difficult times.  They have invited the Twakutukuza Trust to join them again and support them in this joyous event.  As usual, we would like to give a gift in kind to each patient consisting of dry foods eg rice, sugar, etc, and some basics that can be used around the house like bar soap, toilet paper etc.  We are expecting about 100 families so need to prepare 100 similar goodie bags for each family.

If you would like to join us in bringing cheer to these deserving ones, please let us know.  If you wish to donate an item, please ensure you have 100 pieces of whatever it is.  You can also choose to donate cash which we will combine with whatever else we receive and purchase something for each family.  If in kind, please let us know what and when it will be available for delivery/collection to us.  If cash, please send your donation to Mpesa, Buy Goods & Services, Till Number 912830.  Please plan to send your donations by Wednesday midday to give us adequate time to shop.

You are also welcome to join us at the event which will take place this coming Thursday, December 4th, 2014 from about 11am to 3pm.  Let us know if you are available to help in preparing the lunch and serving.  For this, you would need to be available from about 9am.  We will prepare a report and pictures of the event for those who will not manage to attend.  We would love to share some songs with the group so please come ready to sing.  Waithera and her team will prepare a few songs.

This is an exciting time to share with these ones whom we have walked with through the year so we hope you can participate in some way.