Our  2016  annual  Celebrate  Life  event  (CL),  the  seventh  since   inception  in  2011,  was  held  on  Thursday  28th  April 2016  and  was  a   huge  success!  For  the  second  time  running,  we  were  able  to  hold   it  at  the  Kingdom  Business Solutions’  beautiful  compound  on  Riara   Road.

Although  we  were  scheduled  to  start  at  12:30pm,  some  of   the  guest  must  have  been  so  thrilled  and  excited  that they  began   arriving  as  early  as  10:30am!    Despite  the  weather  being  gloomy   on  and  off,  there  was  no  major downpour  so  we  were  able  to  host   our  guests  outdoors. This  years  CL  was  quite  unique  for  a  number  of  reasons: Unlike   previous  events  that  have  been  held  in  the  month  of  February  so   as  to  celebrate  the  victors  and  their supporters  during  the   Valentine  weekend,  this  one  was  held  in  the  month  of  April  mainly   because  of  logistical issues  that  revolved  around  venue  and   staffing.  Also,  we  wanted  the  event  to  be  more  intimate  and   therefore  had only  twelve  women  as  our  guests.

The  guests  were  welcomed  by  a  team  of  TWA  volunteers   who  helped  with  registration  as  well  as  making  them  feel   at  home.  Doris  Mayoli,  Twa’s  Founder  Trustee,  started   the  event  off  with  a  warm  welcome  note  and  prayer.     Soon  after  registration,  the  guests  enjoyed  sumptuous   snacks  provided  by  the  ever  excellent  Gourmet  Lynk   Foods  as  they  set  out  to  enjoy  pampering  at  the  various   stations.

We  at  TWA  are  forever  indebted  to  Gourmet   Lynk  for  partnering  with  us  during  CL  as  their  way  to   honour  the Late  Lisa  Muthoni,  the  brainchild  behind  CL.   During  the  pampering,  the  ladies  got  their  hair  done,  a   mini  mani/pedicure  as  well  as  professionally  done  make-­‐ up.

This  year,  the  team  from  Ashley’s  Beauty  World  went   over  and  above  grooming  the  ladies  and  did  an   exceptional  job  in  engaging  with  the  guests  on  a  more   personal  level.  They  listened  as  the  guests  shared  their   cancer  journey  and  were  quite  empathetic.  In  so  doing,   they  were  able  to  add  a  personal  touch  to  their  services.

Highlights  of  the  day  included  a  health  presentation  and   talk  by  Anja  Oussoren.    Anja,  a  health  champion,  urged   everyone  present  to  live  a  healthy  lifestyle.  A  great  take   out  was  the  challenge  to  begin  juicing  (with  carrots  being   the  main  ingredient)  as  it  helps  in  accelerating  good   health.  Anja  was  able  to  share  from  a  personal   experience  and  this  motivated  the  ladies  currently   undergoing  treatment.
To  complement  the  health  conversation,  we  had   representatives  from  Winnie’s  Pure  Health  who  shared   with  our  guests  the  benefits  of  healthy  living  and   introduced  them  to  some  of  their  products.    Winnie’s   Pure  Health  gave  all  the  participants  a  gift  hamper  of   their  famous  and  healthy  Uji  Afya  and  a  pack  of  hibiscus   tea  bags  to  take  home.

Asanteni Sana!!! 

First,  the  weather  was  perfect!    We  thank  the   Lord  Almighty  for  providing  cool  weather  despite   the  threat  of  a  downpour.  Asante  sana  to  Pastor  Angie,  CEO  and  Founder  of   Kingdom  Business  Solutions,  for  believing  in  our   Cause  and  providing  the  venue  for  this  year’s  CL   event.

GeoJoy  Tents  and  Events,  thank  you  for  the   wonderful  tent  set  up  and  décor.

Lillian  Maingi–Karanja  of  Black  Swan  Media,  we   appreciate  the  excellent  glam  shots  and  thank   you  too  for  being such  an  able  assistant  to  Doris   during  the  make-­‐up  session  with  the  guests.  This   is  a  truly  dynamic  and  multi-­‐talented  duo.

To  Mariners  Church  who  donated  classy  tops  for  all  the  guests  to  take  home,  a  big  “God  bless  Ya”!

This  event  would  have  had  some  challenges  if  we   did  not  have  great  and  totally  sold  out  volunteers.   A  big  Asante  Sana  therefore  to  Leone  Pichen  of   Leon  Pitts  Photography  for  the  awesome  behind-­‐ the-­‐scenes   shots,  Kinya,  Aisha  (mother  and   daughter),  and  Gathoni  for  putting  everything   aside  to  make  this  event  a   success.    Baraka   (blessings).

Sammy  and  the  awesome  team  from  Ashely’s   Beauty  World  who  gave  the  guests  a  memorable   time.   The  wonderful  ladies  at  Crotchet  Kenya,  for   donating  very  pretty  hats  to  all  the  guests.

have  generously  given  toward  the  work  of   the  Trust  and  make  such  events  possible,   Asante  Sana  to  the  Barclays  Bank  Women   Network  Forum,  Edge  Capital  Consultancy,   Chase  Bank,  Daykio  Plantations  Limited,   EngPlan  Consulting  Engineers,  Sports   Station,  Safaricom  Dealers  Association,   Kenya  Pipeline  Company  Limited  and  NIC   Bank.  We  are  also  grateful  for  the  support   from  Faulu  Kenya,  Ideal  Courier,  Viatu  Villa, Computer  Pride  and  our  many  Angels  who   because  of  their  consistent  giving,  make  it   possible  for  many  Kenyans  to  enjoy  such  events   and  also  receive  much  needed  treatment.

To  all   these,  we  deeply  appreciate  your  generosity  and   kindness.  Thank  you  for  making  this  a  special  day   for  our  guests And to  our  guests,  thank  you  for  taking  time  to  be  part  of   us.  Thank  you  for  giving  us  the  privilege  to  serve  you.  We   hope  that  the  day  made  you  smile  and  your  journey  a   little  lighter.

You  are  precious  and  valuable  to  us  and  to   the  Lord.  Remember  that  no  matter  what  you  are  going   through  you  are  not  alone We   look  forward  to  the  next  CL,  anticipating  we  shall  get   many  more  sponsors  on  board  to  help  make  this  day   stand  out  and  memorable  to  each  guest  that  attends.  On   that  note,  if  you,  your  organization  or  a  group  of  friends,   would  like  to  be  part  of  the  next  CL  event,  do  not  hesitate   to  contact  us.  Below  are  ways  you  could  participate

  • Volunteer  during  the  day   v Cash  sponsorship  as  a  one  off
  • Cash  sponsorship  to  offset  a  part  of  the  budget
  • Donations  in  kind  which  could  be  clothes,  food,   jewelry,  skill,  etc

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