My name is Nelly, a single mother of a 12 year old son and this is my cancer journey with the help of Twakutukuza Trust. Just like every girl and woman, I dreamt of a good life, a stable family and a reasonable income, but life had other plans. 15th October 2014 remains a day to remember for me. I went to the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) for an issue that I thought would be easily sorted. But in following the check-up, X-rays and blood work, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer The journey since then has been a tough one. Many a time I have had low blood count and could therefore not receive chemotherapy or radiotherapy on time.

I have also had a lot of pain around my lower stomach area. My family reached out to well-wishers and between them and those who responded positively, on two occasions, they managed to donate blood to me. Since my diagnosis, I have not been able to work and provide basic needs for myself or my son, who has also been out of school for a while now because I cannot afford to meet his basic school facilitation items like uniform, books and pens.

I could not afford the treatment but thank God, through the referral of a friend and my brother, I contacted TWA on 10th Dec 2014 and they have been with me since my initial treatment. They have paid for all my medical costs, invited me for the Celebrate Life event which was what my body just needed – a break from the chemo and radio sessions, and have also emotionally supported me.

I guess if it wasn’t for them, it would have been easier to just give up. My body has been subjected to two lines of chemo so far and twenty-five rounds of radio. The radiotherapy was very abrasive and many a time I found that I had wet my bed which was quiet embarrassing. The chemo has also left me too weak to do things for myself or even earn a living.

My husband has been in prison since 2012 but was recently released. However,following his release, he has become promiscuous and has abandoned our son and I. My immediate family has also abandoned us and want nothing to do with us. During my cancer journey I have also realised that I am HIV Positive. My body has become extremely weak both due to the HIV management drugs as well as chemotherapy.

I am grateful for is for TWA as they have paid for my treatment without everbasking for anything in return. The team constantly call to find out how I am doing and this is quite encouraging. Thank you TWA! And yes, I am hopeful that all this will come to pass.

If you would like to support Nelly, kindly email us and let us know in what particular area(s). Some options are:

â–¡ Medical support

â–¡ Rent

â–¡ School facilitation for her son

â–¡ Food and household support

â–¡ Prayer

â–¡ Other (please specify)

We are also happy to introduce you to Nelly and share more of her details with you.

Email us on or call us on 0714 780 540