This is TWA’s bi-annual visit to children undergoing cancer treatment. During this time, the volunteers at TWA spend time with the children, playing games, singing, giving them gifts and encouraging the young ones alongside their parents even as they journey through cancer.

In 2011 TWA visited the oncology ward for children at the Kenyatta Hospital Ward IE. We had a marvelous time interacting with the children. Notably so, the children are so cheerful and brave considering the reason they are in the hospital. At their core is a little girl or boy wanting to play and joke and sing and laugh and do the things every child enjoys. We were so blessed to share the afternoon with them.

The shocking thing is that some of them have been in that ward for two years or more. We met one who has been there since 2005. Its unbelievable!!! They are admitted, receive treatment, leave, come back, get more treatment but in the course of all this, some parents actually disappear and do not come back for their children. It is the saddest thing. Others are “stuck” there because their parents are unable to clear their bill after treatment. We need to do whatever we can to help them clear these arrears so that they can go home to their loved ones.