Twa - a platform to share my gifting

By Joyce Ogoye

My name is Joyce Ogoye. I have been part of Twa for 3 years, first as an Angel Support Network member and now as part of the choir as well.

I first heard about Twa from my sister Julie who has been with Twa from inception. I would listen to the songs when she was practicing and I loved them.  But I never thought I would be a part of the movement.

In 2016 I attended my first Twa Concert and was blown away. It was not just ‘another concert’. Initially I had imagined I was going to be entertained, but I was ministered to so powerfully by the Lord!  This was not just a concert, it was a living church experience – the presence of the Lord was so heavy and tangible! There was prayer, sharing of the word, testimonies, prophecies, salvation, emotional healings – ooh Lord! I must say that I personally received a word of prophecy that has began to unfold in my life!

My gifting and calling in Ministry is in Music, Mercy/Charity and Evangelism – Twa gave me a platform to exercise all of them to the glory of God.

I love giving as the Lord enables me, I love the practice sessions – the songs, the prayer and fellowship, the testimonies, the missions – oh I love it all.

My life has been transformed by Twa in tremendous ways: I am closer to God in my walk and service;  I have made new friends and contacts that have enabled me grow spiritually, I have found platforms for Ministry especially in Music; by attending the concert colleagues and family have rededicated their lives to Christ; the CD (Twa’s debut album) has been a tool of evangelism for me – I gave the Twa CD to my bosses who I normally wouldn’t approach to openly share the gospel of Jesus Christ! The rewards are immense and have eternal value. Only eternity will reflect the impact Twa has had in the lives of multitudes! What I love about Twa most of all is that it is CHRIST centered! Its all about JESUS!

Thank you Doris and the entire Twa family for this great Ministry.  God bless you.


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