Twa Highlights

Our programs and services have helped over 700 cancer patients access treatment as well as emotional and physical support.

We have distributed 33 breast prosthesis and 25 post-mastectomy bras to our breast cancer victors at a value 0f KES 276,800 and KES 91,400 respectively.
230 ladies have participated in our Celebrate Life events which began in 2010.

Our Team

At Twakutukuza Trust, we’re a small, collaborative team and we’re passionate about helping individuals and families manage the roller-coaster journey of cancer. We often work with amazing volunteers to organise our key events including our biggest fundraiser, the Twa Annual Concert. Many times, you’ll see ‘Twa’ mentioned in our work and by our volunteers – its just short for Twakutukuza!

Doris Mayoli

Founder and CEO

Our Volunteers

The success of our work is made possible through the support and dedication of numerous, amazing volunteers, who help us achieve our goals, including our biggest fundraiser, the Twa Annual Concert.

Meet some of the Twakutukuza Trust volunteers making a difference in the lives of our clients:

I teach and practice law. I love sharing my time with Twa because the vision for Twa is biblical. Twa is addressing the challenges resulting from the failure of Kenya’s health sector in a small but significant way, and the message of Twa results in hope and spiritual healing even where physical healing doesn’t result.

Every year, singing in the Twa Annual Concerts enhances my life as a believer. The personal testimonies from the choir members are encouraging and strengthen my faith in God and have resulted in lifelong friendships.


I am self-employed, running a company called SSUMY Designs, which designs and produces leather and canvas bags. I volunteer at Twa, because I like to put systems and operations together to ensure things run smoothly and in an orderly manner. To help in the process of putting things together, especially for the main annual event – the concerts are a major task for one to do alone; and so I give of my time and ideas to help fulfil the vision of the Trust through this one event and any other that is held in the year.

Other than the fact that I love Doris, the vision bearer, the highlight of my being in Twa is the period of rehearsing when I get to worship the Lord for about twleve continuous weeks. In this space, I have met and made friendships with amazing, wonderful people.

Assumpta Maingi

I am a travel consultant with Global Harvest Tours & Travel Company. I first joined the Twa choir in 2017 and had the most fabulous time of my life worshiping God throughout the 3 months rehearsals.

The stories I heard from the cancer victors literally drove me to tears. Our family has had an experience with cancer when our dad fought with it until he passed on in October 2009.

I wanted to be a part of Twa to help in any way I can and immediately after the October 2017 concert I offered to be a volunteer. It continues to be a very rewarding experience.

Linda Nyamu

I have seen my Wife’s Mother, my Mother’s Brother, my Father’s Brother and my best client speak defeat through their eyes because of cancer and feel helpless because I couldn’t swallow the food on their behalf or give them my body, so that they could enjoy relief in times of pain.

By witnessing and sharing with Doris the joy of surviving, I realized I can share hope and encouragement by song and by praise.

There is victory in Twa and the greatest opportunity of all. This is where tears become liquid prayers that need no interpretation.

Albert Ekirapa

I am a wife, mother and entrepreneur. I have participated in the Twa choir over the last five years and I have had the privilege of doing so with two of my sons.

I love to sing and what better way to do so than in praise and worship to God and at the same time raising funds for cancer awareness and treatment. Twa reminds me that no matter what my daily challenges are I must purpose to put myself in the shoes of those who are seeking miracles, breakthroughs and healing whether physically, spiritually or emotionally.

Twa has taught me that it calls for compassion and faith!

In Twa we are a family where special friendships that uphold one another in prayer are forged and the experience is life transforming not just at the concert but at the rehearsals too! Each season speaks to my circumstance at a different level and builds my faith. It is a spiritual journey that I am so honoured to be part of!

It is about living on purpose, giving back, standing in the gap and at the end of the day as I take stock of this journey of faith, I trust and pray I will have made a difference to someone’s life.

That is why I participate in Twa!

Alison Muiyuro

I am a music director and songwriter. I have loved being a member of the Twa family for a number of years because of how much Doris and the team have carried this vision for many years. I also love how Doris is using her story of triumph against cancer, her music skills and giftings to love and show care for those who may be affected, in one way or the other, by the effects of the terrible illness.

Her ability to use what she had, together with partnering with friends and family to set up the Twa Trust and a series of concerts to raise funds to assist in providing care for the affected, is so admirable!

I love the dedication to strive for excellence each year and more than anything else, always having great moments with the presence of God in worship during the Twa concerts!

Allan Wanjohi

I love Twa!

I share my time with Twa because I know it will make a difference in someone’s life.

TWA members also shared their love and kindness with me when I was going through the cancer journey.

Jane Thuo

Twa is a noble cause that I believe in and in obedience to God’s command to take care of our brothers (and sisters) in need, I am more than happy to be a part of Twa and really be a voice of hope.

Being part of the Twa Choir and concerts is also a wonderful worship experience that connects me with God and others.

Ebby Limisi

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