Twa Stories

Blogs by the Twa Team, Volunteers and Supporters on their experiences with Twa

Only God

If we all had an opportunity to choose or make decisions on how we wanted our lives to be, then I believe that we would like a good, comfortable, and happy life – smooth sailing.

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No Fear

Maurice, Ann’s husband, came to see us about giving assistance to his wife who needed chemotherapy. She had developed a tumor towards the end of last year and was told by the doctor she saw in the village they lived in, that the case was beyond their capability and was advised to seek help in Nairobi.

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Let your faith be bigger than your fear

When Baby Millicent was born, her mother was overjoyed at the gift of a baby girl. The nurses congratulated her on her beautiful baby and there was great joy amongst her family members. Mama Millicent was excited.

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Twa – a platform to share my gifting

“My gifting and calling in Ministry is in Music, Mercy/Charity and Evangelism – Twa gave me a platform to exercise all of them to the glory of God.” Joyce Ogoye, Twa Choir member and Angel Support Network member shares her Twa story.

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Look at my chest all you want!

Welcome to the first 2019 installment of our monthly blog ‘Twa Stories’ where we will share with you updates, cancer information, volunteer experiences as well as let you in on some of our ambitions and goals for the future of Twa Trust.

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Twakutukuza at 10

The Twakutukuza choir had their 10th Anniversary concert the last weekend of October (26th – 28th October 2018) at the Nairobi Baptist Church, Ngong Road. It was three nights of incredible energy and worship music, all based around the theme of love and thanksgiving.

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