Celebrate Life

Celebrate Life is a key Twakutukuza Trust event that  gathers a group of women undergoing cancer treatment together with a close friend who has walked the cancer journey with each of them.

Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy are life-saving treatments, no doubt, but they take a severe toll on the life of the patients and have a way of draining the body and making one not feel beautiful or worthwhile. Between side effects such as excessive hair loss, blackening of nails, weight loss due to lack of appetite, just to name a few, one is left feeling not beautiful at all.

Celebrate Life is a special day for the ladies to meet up with other patients who are having similar experiences in the cancer journey and gives them a chance to unwind and relax together.

Celebrate Life Reports

Glam Team

The Celebrate Life events have been a huge success because of the volunteer support we receive from various organisations and individuals – what we like to call the Twa Galm Team. Click below to learn how you can be part of this amazing team.

Glam Bags

Celebrate Life ladies always leave with a special take home Twa Glam Bag  to remember the special day. Click below for more information on how you can donate ‘glam-girly’ items to fill the bags or sponsor a Celebrate Life event.

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