Dori Mayoli

Founder and CEO

“Twa is the journey God took me on after He healed me from cancer on 2nd September, 2005. That’s the day that I was diagnosed with breast cancer, but by His stripes, I AM healed (Isaiah 53:5) …that’s present…I think continuous…so even on the day I was told I have cancer, that verse was instantly applicable.

I do this, lead Twa, every day because I want to do for others what I would want done for me. I can’t believe that God would involve me in the miracles He is doing in peoples’ lives – in the healing He brings to them,  body, soul, and spirit. Seeing this on a regular basis also brings me continuous healing – body, soul, spirit. Twa truly is a gift from God.

My other gifts are my two wonderful boys, Derek and Brennan aka Noshi.”