Twa Annual Concert

The Twa Annual Concert raises funds for the Twakutuza Trust and gives a platform for music lovers to raise their voices to inspire, heal and exalt the Great Healer, God. The pledges and proceeds from the concert go to the trust in support of cancer patients.

The first concert was staged in 2009 and was intended as a Celebration following Doris’ healing from cancer. As the idea for the concert was shared, more and more people asked to be involved. The outcome was a 100 voice choir singing over two weeks at three different venues.

The Twa Concert has now become a greatly anticipated event, held over three days, usually during the last weekend in October, with over 200 volunteers participating in one way or another, including some of Kenya’s top music artistes.

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Twa Choir

The Twa Choir is composed of an amazing group of people who love to serve the Lord by ministering to others through music. The over 200 choir members are from very diverse backgrounds but are brought together because they want to support the work of Twakutukuza Trust and they all agree that being part of the Twa Choir and their love for Jesus Christ has changed their own lives in one way or another.

Twa Band

To reach out to an audience, a band has to live its music on the stage; it has to infect the audience with its passion for music. For the Twa concerts, live music is not just about entertaining an audience. It is worship. The Twa Band brings the music to life – the music they play enriches the singing and dancing and praising. Twa concerts would not be the same without the dedication of the band members who rehearse tirelessly and ensure that the music sounds incredible – sometimes better than the original.

Twa Soloists

The process of getting professional music artists to perform at an event or gig usually involves booking them through their agents or managers and at a fee.  Performing is how the acts earn their income. In addition to fees, most acts will require that they are promoted on various event marketing and promotional material as well. The Twa concert soloists could easily oblige these professional requirements. They choose instead, to sing for the Twa ’cause’ and to be ‘booked’ at zero fee and still offer highly professional and captivating performances. The solo acts are not just singing to entertain. Their performances communicate and connect with Twa audiences at an emotional and spiritual level.

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