For patients of any age, being admitted in hospital can be uncomfortable. For young patients, it can be especially traumatic and emotionally stressful.


Children hospitalised with cancer or any other illnesses deserve the same opportunities to laugh, to play, and to have fun when they are being treated in the hospital. Despite trying their best, hospital staff are often overworked and understaffed and it, therefore, becomes difficult to give their child patients extra attention beyond attending to their medical needs.


Twakutukuza Trust understands how important it is to tend to both the emotional and physical needs of patients. That’s why we visit children undergoing cancer treatment and spend time playing games, singing, giving them gifts and encouraging the young ones alongside their parents.

Twambili Picnic

In 2011 Twa visited the oncology ward for children at the Kenyatta National Hospital Ward IE. We had a marvelous time organising a Baxterbear picnic for the children. The children were so cheerful and brave considering the reason they were in the hospital. At their core is a little girl or boy wanting to play and joke and sing and laugh and do the things every child enjoys.

From the event, Twa raised money to clear the hospital bills of some of the children who could not afford to pay or who had been abandoned, including one child who was unable to leave due to outstanding bills. Let us know if you would be interested in sponsoring a Twambili picnic or party for children in hospital.

Twambili Friends

Join friends of Twa at the next Twamibili Picnic. Click the button below for more information on how you can get involved.


Investing in Twakutukuza is integral to alleviating the unparalleled challenges facing cancer patients in Kenya. Your donation will support cancer patients and their families toward meeting their emotional, physical and financial needs.